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PuqPress Q1 (Gen 5)- Available in either Matte Black or Matte White

The Q1 is the most straightforward model and delivers an incredible even tamp in just 1.3 seconds. With its small footprint, it fits on every bar. Simply plug it in, adjust the lower fork, and dial in the tamping force to your preference with 1kg precision. Ensuring consistency between baristas has never been this easy.

In this highly competitive industry why take the risk of less-than-perfect espresso shot extraction? Today’s industry standards demand perfection and consistency - welcome PuqPress - the latest in precision technology to provide a consistent tamping experience for every cup of coffee.
The unparalleled engineering and state-of-the-art design of the PuqPress automatic tamper ensures perfectly compressed coffee grounds and a precisely level tamp - every time. PuqPress is one of the fastest growing barista tools in the world, and a revolution is happening in the specialty coffee industry and we are leading the way.

*Puqpress Tamp head sizes are based on commercial application measurements. These sizes as indicated are a guide only. If you are purchasing for domestic machines please ensure that you have correctly measured your filter basket diameter to ensure the most consistent tamp is achieved.


More precise shots with reduced channeling and improved flavor

No RSI issues, including carpal tunnel, tendonitis and barista elbow/wrist

Consistency between every Barista on bar, during every shift

Speeds up the workflow - more efficient baristas and happier customers

Industry proven technology