About Us

Cafe Solutions North America

A long time vision came to life in 2017 when our Australian-based CEO and US-based COO launched Café Solutions North America, a dba of GSD Global Trading. We are  a company focused on delivering the highest quality products for the Specialty Coffee Industry. Our goal is to connect the US Specialty Coffee market with the most cutting-edge, trendsetting and inclusive products on the market - focusing on plant-based, vegan and wellness brands. 

Cafe Solutions Team photo

Initially we began with Alchemy's Golden Turmeric elixir from Australia, then we quickly expanded our portfolio to include their full range of Superfood Elixirs. Offering a range of healthy and delicious liquid beverage concentrates, our elixirs are GMO-free, Vegan + Gluten Free. This includes Alchemy’s Golden Turmeric, Matcha, Chai, Energy Chai and Beetroot.  

Alchemy Elixirs

2018 saw major changes as we expanded the depth of our offerings to include industry consulting, focusing on developing and launching new brands in the US. Helping to launch both Alchemy and PUQPress nationwide, we pivoted to working with a dairy company to create Planet Oat, the #1 selling oat milk in the US. Our team has decades of experience bringing new products to market and presenting them at food service and coffee trade shows. 

Planet Oat Almond Breeze

As we look towards the future the excitement continues - adding Planet Oat and Almond Breeze barista milks to our re-distributor portfolio. These two brands are respectively the best selling plant-based milks on the market nationwide. However, the barista versions are different from retail, as they are specially formulated for use in cafes and barista approved!  Sponsoring Latte Art events from Florida to Kentucky, Vancouver (WA) to Sacramento and Southern California - Planet Oat and Almond Breeze continue to be staples of the specialty coffee industry. Additionally we offer Lactaid - a lactose-free dairy - in both Whole Milk or 2% Reduced Fat - in shelf stable 32 oz. cartons.