About Us

About Cafe Solutions North America

We started as an import and distribution company focused on the highest quality products for the Specialty Coffee industry in 2017. As a multi-continental LLC, with our CEO in Australia and our COO in the US, our goal is to connect the USA Specialty Coffee market with the most cutting-edge, trendsetting and unique products Australia has to offer; as the leader in technology and driving the majority of up-and-coming industry trends over the past decade or so.

Initially bringing Alchemy's Golden Turmeric from Australia to North America and launching that brand to great success, we expanded our portfolio to include their full range of Superfood Elixirs. Offering a range of healthy and delicious liquid beverage concentrates, all our elixirs are GMO-free, Vegan + Gluten Free.

In 2018 we added Puqpress to our product line, signing on as the first US distributor of the revamped brand featuring the Q2. Since then we've grown with the brand to now carry all 8 models, including the brand new MINI, and the handful of under-grinder specific versions as well.

2019 saw major changes as we expanded the depth of our offerings to include industry consulting, focused on developing and launching new brands in the US and bringing those to trade shows across the food and beverage industry. As a bonus, we assembled a team of four North American baristas to go compete in Café Culture's Global Barista Challenge in Melbourne during the Formula 1 Grand Prix race event. Our team took 3rd Place overall and it was amazing!

As we enter 2021 the excitement continues, getting ready to launch the full range of Café Creations plant-based and dairy milks - professional quality, specially formulated for cafe use and Barista approved!!  The lineup features Planet Oat oat milk, Almond Breeze almond milk, Rolling Hills Farms soy milk, Lactaid (lactose-free dairy) and Hood Whole Milk  (Shelf stable milks in 32 oz. cartons, sold 6 per case - specifically for use in cafes + coffeehouses)